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3-D Paper Ballerina Doll with Mandala Skirt - Paper Cutting Patterns -5

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5 of 12 Paper Ballerina Doll with Mandala Skirts

This is the #5 paper ballerina model with mandala skirt, one of the 12 Beautiful paper ballerina silhouette with special designed mandala skirt paper cutting patterns. Special designed for moderate paper cutters.

For ballerina and paper crafter lovers. Good ideas for decorations, hand made gifts and more. Reusable for years!

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The paper ballerina model size is 5.5" tall and about 2"-5" wide depend each model's different motions. The Mandala skirt pattern is smaller than 4" x 4". 

Every paper ballerina model has a mandala skirt pattern to match her, and has its own page and folding instructions. 

All Mandala skirt designs will fit all 12 paper ballerina models in this Patterns book. If you need re-scale the size, please use the same scale for both paper ballerina model and mandala skirt.

You need pointed knife or scissors to cut these patterns.  

Mandala skirt pattern - Any regular color copy paper (75g/m2), the pattern size is smaller than 4" x 4"square, 

Ballerina model - Any color cardstock (110lb)

All Ballerina Models are referenced from online free mission clipart. I just re-scale them for the best fit to the Mandala skirt designs. The Mandala skirt patterns/templates are my original designs.

This listing is for a PDF download document, not a finished object. It is a DIY project.

No shipping cost if you order the download version from here.