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5 - #11 Scalpel Blades - Paper cut knife blades

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Paper Cutting DIY Tool Set-5 Blades
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This is my favorite Paper Cutting knife that I'm using every time for my paper cuttings for many years. I would like to recommend to you :)

This list contents:

5 - #11 Scalpel blades

This scalpel blades will fit the Scalpel Handle.

Scalpel, through many years seeking for the comfortable knife handles and sharp blades, I finally stick myself in these sets. The scalpel handle is easy to hold and the blade is very sharp and pointed, fit for those tiny cuts and thin lines.


** Please note you have to be 18 or over to purchase and use. 
The materials and color may vary ever so slightly but will always be of good quality. 


* In your package, you have VERY sharp blades. Don’t touch them! They WILL cut you very easily.

* Please be careful and use forceps or similar tool when changing the blade.

* As always keep out of reach of children, pets and store safely. 

* Always respect your blade. You can dispose of them using a sharps box from your local chemist or your doctor can dispose of them for your safety. 

Due to the nature of the item, returns are not accepted on kit items.