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Art of Mandala - Paper Cutting Volume 2 For Beginner and Moderate Paper Cutters(eBook)

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Art of Mandala - Paper Cutting -Vol 2

Art of Mandala Paper Cutting Patterns - Volume 2, for moderate and advanced paper cutters.

20 Beautiful original Mandala paper cutting pattern designs. They are intricate, beautiful, and difficult patters. 

Good pattern resources for you to practice, and help you to level up you cutting skills.

This book has 50 pages including front and back covers. Each pattern is special design for origami paper Bokashi Origami-Corona BKC100 paper for the beautiful results. But it suitable for any other kind paper. 

Each pattern has been tested for the cuttings. Every pattern has finished cut out pictures, and true sized cutting pattern.


This book has easy follow instructions. All patterns are designed to fit origami paper size about 6" x 6" (15 cm x 15 cm).

But you can re-size it as your need.


This book is one of many collectibles of the Mandala paper cutting Books. The best value paper cutting pattern package.
Each unique pattern is designed by me, Tong Steinle.


After you purchased, the book will be immediately available as a digital download which can be printed by you on any kind paper you wish.

After you finish the cuttings, you can:

· Frame them and enjoy your artistic art work
· Give them as gifts
· Make greeting cards
· And more!

This paper cutting pattern book is for your personal enjoyment use only, and may not be reproduced or duplicated without permission. You may print as many times as you like for your own use, but are not permitted to distribute in any way without permission. Please do not copy for others or use in any commercial way.

Have Paper Cutting Fun!