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Butterfly-Cross Paper Cutting Pattern CR0811-02

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Pattern CR0811-02

Instand download Butterfly-Cross cutting pattern, this pattern is one of my original designs. 

This pattern is about 7.0" x 9.25" (17.2cm x 23.6cm). Simply print the pattern, and staple on the top of any color paper you want to cut on, or directly print on the color paper. Then cut on the lines and you will be left with the unique butterfly-cross.

Cutting time: May take around 3-6 hours, depend your cutting lever, paper thickness and knife. 

This pattern will bring you hours fun and joy. They are beautiful, unique, intricate and difficult cutting patterns.

All the Butterfly-Cross are my unique designed cross images combine with butterflies, and you will not find them anywhere. 



You can sell items made from this pattern as long as you follow these regulations:


  1. Keep a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.
  2. The items cannot be mass-produced. They must be made by hand, one at a time.
  3. Items must be made only by the individual who purchased the pattern.
  4. Credit is given to Tong Steinle( as the pattern designer on a tag affixed to each item and, if selling online, the listing (on Etsy, etc.) must contain a direct link to where the pattern can be purchased.
  5. You may make alterations to the pattern, but you must still link to the original pattern and credit Tong Steinle( on the item’s tags and listings.


Thank you!