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Instant Download-3 Layers Mandala Style Paper Cut Pattern-004

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3 Layers Mandala Style Paper Cut Pattern-004. For PERSONAL use only!
This is special designed three layered cutting pattern, has three different patterns, each of them can be displayed separately or combined and weave them together as the picture 2 showing. All patterns are original designs, and has been used computer program to help make them combining well. 

Each pattern has three layers true sizes cutting patterns, they are about 7.5" x 7.5" to 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm). Simply cut lines and you will be left with 3 beautiful designs, follow the instruction to layer them. You can choose any three different color paper to make your own color combine cuttings.

Learn How to make layers paper cuttings.

Cutting Level: Advanced
Cutting time: May take around 2-6 hours, depend your cutting lever, paper thickness and knife. 
Picture #3 is the sample steps How-to weave the patterns together. 

This pattern will bring you hours fun and joy. They are beautiful, unique, intricate and difficult cutting patterns. It can be the best gift for your loved one, because you cut it by yourself.

This pattern / template is one of my original design and is for PERSONAL use only. This means you can print it and cut it as many times as you like, but cannot sell the design or any product made by using this design.

Feel free to show off your final cuts made from this template but please remember to give credit to us (Tong's Art Studio) under any photo you display.