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Instant Download-52 Easy Halloween Paper Cutting Patterns

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It's time to have fun with your kids at this Halloweens! Easy patterns for the kids older than 6 years-old, can use scissors cut the paper, we suggest it is better to have adults around them.

This is a 52 Easy paper cutting patterns e-Book, great for your Halloween decorations, great for making family project with your kids or grandchildren. Reusable for years!

Total is 91 pages, include cover page and contents pages, 86 pattern pages. And no shipping cost if you like the instant download.

Easy follow instructions on each of the pattern page, it has single cut patterns, symmetrical patterns, chains paper cutting patterns, cut and glue patterns. Each of the single cut patterns, symmetrical patterns have two different direct cut sized patterne (8" x 8" and 6" x 6").

It is fun DIY projects with your kids, and even yourself.

The third picture shows the preview for the patterns.

The forth picture shows one of my students, who is 79-years-old. He cut this piece at the second paper cutting class. I think he did a great job! How about you?