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Instant Download: Butterfly-Cross Paper Cutting Pattern Cross-014

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Instand download one Butterfly-Cross cutting pattern, a special designed beautiful and unique pattern in 4 different cutting sizes. 

All the Butterfly-Cross are my unique designed cross images combine with butterflies, and you will not find them anywhere. 

This Butterfly cross pattern also can be use as wood carving, metal carving and more.

Butterfly-Cross paper cutting pattern, a beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful, unique and special created cross images. You can use them as your special projects for decorations, frame art, bookmarks, or even give to someone that you are care about.

All patterns come with 4 different true-size printable patterns, one of each will fit to frame size 8"x 11", 5"x 7", 4"x 6" and smallest one is about 2.5" x 3.5" can be make for bookmark or the same sized frame.

These are directly use for cutting patterns, no fold needed, and it comes with its own descriptions, easy follow instructions.

This Cross is #14 Butterfly Cross design in 20 Butterfly-Cross Paper Cutting Patterns (e-Book)($39.96)