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Lucky Crane Locket Keychain-004

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This beautifully crafted lucky crane locket is one of our most popular items, and for good reason! Featuring a 30mm diameter rhinestone silver tone locket, and a tiny hand folded origami crane floating within the center, this locket is truly awe inspiring, and makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones. As the little crane is handcrafted, no two necklaces will ever be the same, giving each necklace a personal and unique touch. The colorful white with blue and orange pattern paper lets the beauty of the crane really shine. Adding to this, the Lucky Crane locket also allows you to open it, letting you peek at the adorable little crane.   

This special origami Lucky Crane Locket keychain will bring you peace, luck, wishes, and good health.  This keychain gives the gift of happiness to anyone you love and care for, making it a wonderful present for any occasion.

  • The Locket itself measures: 30mm dia. (About 1-1/8").
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Keychain total length is about 100mm (About 3-3/4")
  • Comes with a little box ready to gift.

The little origami crane is folded from 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm) beautiful Japanese origami paper. Each crane will be different from the paper and folding, that's why they are so unique, beautiful and special. No two pieces will ever be the same.

For a long lasting, please do not expose to direct sunlight or water.


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